bally red shoe “Swoosh” [RED] [SUMMER]


Genre: Fashion
Title: Bally Red Shoe
Year: 1964
Artist: Roger Excoffon (1910-1983)
Size (cm): 39 x 59
Country of origin: France

Bally has an exceptionally strong heritage in graphic design with many highly acclaimed posters, with this, one of the very best. Excoffon’s confident, caligraphic brush strokes  create an almost aerodynamic design of simple, supreme elegance. The harmony between the design and the product is wonderful example of form and function – this is an absolutely stunning poster.

Although Excoffon was more famous for the visual art of writing via his various font designs, he also produced posters for some of the most prestigious clients including SNCF, Air France, and Bally.

This poster is unusual in its use of the landscape format, a rarity for European advertising posters. It is in very good condition, clean, free from loss or tears and will look amazing once framed. It is an calming and beautiful poster. I think it is exceptional

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