Blitz: Grace Jones, Taming The Beast, November 1989


Genre: Fashion
Title:  Blitz: Grace Jones “Taming The Beast” November 1989, no.83
Year:  1989
Artist: Jean Paul Goude
Size (cm): 42 x 59.5
Country of origin: U.K.

Although it only ran for 11 years (1980~91), Blitz was the front runner in the genres of art, style and fashion publishing – a cool magazine for, and about, cool people.

Whilst the copies of the magazine surely survive, this is a much rarer billboard/news-stand poster produced to promote the monthly issue. November 1989’s magazine featured the cover image from Grace Jones’ “Taming The Beast” album.

The poster is in excellent condition, with some small creases to the edges but complete, bright and free of tears.

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