Conquer The Summit of London (Woman) [blue] [summer]


Genre: Future Classic
Title: Conquer The Summit Of London
Year: 2015
Artist: Mads Berg
Size (cm): 41.5 x 59.5
Country of origin: UK

Originally built to celebrate the millennium celebrations, the Dome quickly became one of London’s premier locations for concert and events, being re-named the O2 Arena.

The challenge of climbing over the roof and enjoying the views from the top began in 2015. Mads Berg’s posters appeared on the London Underground network, ensuring the a huge daily footfall became aware of both the challenge but also Berg’s well developed, art-deco styled posters. These are the smaller version of the posters.

The poster is in reasonable condition having only ever been briefly rolled. Please note, this is original and to protect the provenance the image displayed does not show an important logo whilst it is visible on the actual poster – images available on request.


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Out of stock