Espagne [orange] [summer]


Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: Espagne
Year: c. 1940s
Artist: Jacques Henri Delpy (1877~1957)
Size (cm): 62 x 98 (incl. linen backing: 67.5 x 104)
Country of origin: Spain

Delpy’s romantic castle appears like a mirage against the blurred, dry, and baked dust background in this poster from the 1940’s. Based on the wonderfully ornate Castle Coca, the detail given to the central image stands in contrast to the layers of red/brown in both fore and backgrounds, a technique which cleverly draws in the viewer’s eye.

The poster is one a series of designs commissioned by the National Tourist Office and printed in Vitoria, Spain. It has been dated by others to 1944 so it is perhaps a surprise, given the war in Europe, that the poster was produced in French, English, and German.

The poster, mounted on linen is in reasonable/good condition with straight edges and no paper loss. Some scuffing has occurred along the bottom border and some very small foxing spots are just apparent along the lower edge. The colours remain bright, strong and deep.

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