Filver [Dylen]


Genre: Fashion
Title: Filver
Year: 1931
Artist: Jean D’Ylen (1886-1938)
Size (cm): 80 x 120
Country of origin: France

D’Ylen succeeded the legendary Cappiello at the comissioning and printing company Vercassson in 1919. His distinctive style is unmistakable and highly evocative of the period. His brightly coloured characters, usually set against a dark background, are often seen playing, juggling, or wrestling with an enlarged or stylised version of product. D’Ylen’s playful and exuberant designs found a wide and enduring appeal. His posters remain popular and sought after by collectors to this day.

D’Ylen designed posters for clients including Waterman, Shell Oil, and Sandeman. This particular design promotes the rejuvenating properties of the spa at Plombieres Les Bans. D’Ylen’s works rarely come onto the market and attain high prices when they do. Ninety of his posters are held by the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

This poster was part of an archive of much smaller paper ephemera showing the same motif. It has spent most of its life folded preserving the deep & vibrant colours. The fold lines are not obtrusive & could be removed by conservation. These aside, the poster is in excellent condition.

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