Gordon’s Gin [yellow] [summer]


Genre: Food & Beverages
Title: Gordon’s Distilled London Dry Gin
Year: c. 1975
Artist: unknown
Size (cm): 152.4 x 111.8
Country of origin: USA

Established in 1769 & today the world’s best selling gin.

This poster was produced for the American market and can be dated to the early/mid 1970’s: note the listing of the Californian distillery, opened in 1971. The design shows the familiar yellow label for Gordon’s exported gin, first used in 1908, complete with the famous boar’s head & juniper berries along the edges.

Historically, gin tended to be advertised more in magazines rather than bill-boards, so vintage gin posters are exceedingly rare and hard to find. This is an excellent poster for a familiar global brand.

The poster was folded and these fold lines cannot be completely removed, otherwise it is in excellent condition; complete, conserved & laid on japan paper. It is large but looks magnificent – no half measures here.

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