Greece Air France


Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: Greece, Air France
Year: 1967
Artist: Georges Mathieu (1921~2012)
Size (cm):  60 x 100
Country of origin: France

One of a series of 16 posters designed for Air France by Georges Mathieu, acknowledged as one of the leading proponents of Informalist abstract design.

The posters in the series are each highly distinctive and seek to capture the character or nature of the country shown. Some achieve this with greater success than others – this poster for Greece is one of the best. Overall, Mathieu’s series adds to the very high reputation for innovative, avant garde design associated with Air France’s posters.

The poster is excellent condition, free from creases, nicks or tears. The main colour pallet of yellow and blue projects an inviting hint of Mediterranean warmth, very appealing.

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