Hawaii United Air Lines [blue] [summer]


Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: Hawaii United Air Lines
Year: c. 1953
Artist: Stan Galli
Size (cm): 63.5×101.6 [25×40″]
Country of origin: U.S.A.

Galli’s United Air Lines artwork cleverly associates the airline with an exotic and glamorous destination. Here Galli shows us an exciting image of an outrigger canoe cresting a huge wave, a mountain topped hawaiian beach in the far distance.

Galli’s realistic style stands in contrast to the modernist artwork Klein produced for TWA during the same period – compare their respective Las Vegas posters. Both produced iconic artwork which exudes the youthful, relaxed glamour at the dawn of the Jet Set age. Along with David Klein, Galli’s work is highly sought after by collectors and this poster is a superb example of the genre.

The poster is in excellent condition. It is free of pin holes, folding creases and the edges remain sharp and free of the nicks and wrinkles often associated with handling. Deep, rich colours suggest it has never been hung in direct sunlight. It is ready for linen backing and will look wonderful when framed.

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