JSAR Silhouettes of Aircraft – Restricted


Genre: Politics, War, Propaganda
Title:  JSAR Silhouettes of Aircraft – Restricted
Year:  1964
Artist: Ministry of Aviation
Size (cm): 43.2 x 91.4
Country of origin: UK

A double sided, fold-out poster issued by the Defence Council, May 1964 with “Restricted” distribution. The poster shows the aircraft silhouettes of British & American military aircraft on one side, with Russian & miscellaneous aircraft from other nations (France) on the reverse. It’s very much a 1960s cold-war classic, featuring many iconic British fighters and bombers of the period.

The poster was printed and distributed as a folded booklet so folds are an obvious, and authentic feature. These is some very slight staining on the Russian side and the expected amount of surface dirt etc. The poster is complete, free from tears or loss and generally in very good condition.

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