Kelly’s Post Office Map of London: North Western Sector


Genre: Travel
Title:  London North Western Sector
Year:  1937
Designer: Kelly’s Post Office Directory
Size (cm): 96.5 x 149.8 (incl. Japan backing 100.5 x 153.8)
Country of origin: U.K.

A long established, private company with semi official links to the Post Office (Kelly held a very senior position), this 1930’s map divided London into quadrants & displayed the post code areas, many of which remain unchanged to this day. Being a pre WW2 map it provides an excellent point of reference for London prior to the bombing & destruction of WW2 & all developments since.

The map was originally folded and the creases are shown. There maybe some very slight loss where the folds converge but this is consistent with the manner in which the map was produced and kept. To prevent small tears along fold lines reaching further into the map light archival tape has been applied on the rear side in some cases. Overall the map remains in excellent condition & offers a fascinating view of London from another age.

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