Les Ailes Britanniques Font Le Tour Du Monde: BEA BOAC BSAA [white]


Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: British Wings Go Around The World, BEA BOAC, BOAC
Year: 1948
Artist: Unknown
Size (cm): 62 x 101 (incl. linen backing 70 x 109)
Country of origin: U.K.

“British Wings Go Around The World”, a rare for survivor from 1948. The silhouette of a Vickers Viking surrounded by national flags representing just part of the network of international destinations available via BEA, BOAC, & BSAA – the constituent parts that eventually emerged as British Airways.

Produced for BEA (British European Airways) there is an understandable emphasis on European destinations, but this poster is unusual as it mentions other members of the British airline family, BOAC & BSAA, perhaps an early attempt to promote and capture corporate synergies.

The poster has been linen backed and is in reasonable condition, although areas of damage exist. On the right vertical edge three slight water stains extend across the linen backing and the poster, a small repaired tear reaches down into the Union flag, and along the left vertical edge by Sweden’s flag, small cracks & flakes in the poster’s surface can be seen. At more than 70 years old, much of this wear can be attributed to age & in better condition, the poster would be priced more aggressively. Detailed images are available on request.

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