Leysin Suisse, Altitude 1250-1500 [yellow] [summer]


Genre: Travel / Tourism
Title:  Leysin Suisse, Altitude 1250~1500
Year: c. 1930
Artist: Jacomo Muller
Size (cm): 62 x 100
Country of origin: Belgium

Known for its sunshine and clear mountain air, the resort of Leysin was one of the most exclusive and fashionable health resorts in Europe. First developed for French speaking TB sufferers as an alternative to the existing Germanic spa resorts,  the Grand Hotel opened in 1892. Visitors to the resort included Czars, Kings, and the most fashionable celebrities including Marie Curie, Josephine Baker, Ghandi, and Albert Camus.

This poster, designed by Jacomo Muller & printed in Belgium was produced in a number of variations during the 1929~34 period. This design, dated 1930, emphasises the healthy environment and the ease of access via the Aigle-Leysin rail line which climbed over 1,000 meters & terminated at the Grand Hotel, Leysin.

The poster is in excellent condition, un-backed, with strong bright colours, no paper loss or creases. There is one small tear near the lower right corner (approx. 3cm) on the margin outside of the main poster area. This has been stabilised with light, acid free, archival tape on the reverse side. This is a really striking poster & forms part of the Swiss National Collection.

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