Mounted Esquire Calendar March 1946


Genre: Fashion/Pin-up
Title:  Esquire March 1946
Artist:  Alberto Vargas (1896~1982)
Size (cm): 30 x 40 (mounted)
Country of origin: USA

Now regarded as one of the pre-eminent artists in this genre, Vargas’ work remains popular and influential. The calendars produced for Esquire during the 1940’s retain a stylised elegance that contrasts well with the more revealing and overtly sexual work in the 1950’s and later. They are an interesting accessory for those eager to create that vintage “look” with a charm and innocence that has huge appeal.

The page is original and absolutely authentic. On all of these there may be some small marks or flecks of dirt but do consider that these were not meant to survive. The calendar page has been conservation mounted on acid free board and is ready to frame.

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Out of stock