Persan Export


Genre: Food & Beverages
Title: Persan Export
Year: 1928
Artist: Obrad Nicolitch (1898-1976)
Size (cm): 1 sheet 116×160, both sheets 116×320
Country of origin: France

This is a really stunning poster. It is exceptionally large, coming in two sheets which reach a combined length of 3.2m (the divide is just below the lower edge of the bottle). When the poster appears in the market it is usually just the upper sheet which is offered to collectors and the public. It is rare to find this poster complete and in its original format. I am very pleased to be able to offer the whole two-sheet poster, rather than just the incomplete top half.

The poster is in really excellent condition having never been used. The original fold lines are clearly shown in the image but these would disappear once the poster was backed. Further, there is almost no erosion to the fabric of the poster where the folds converge which attests to it’s infrequent unfolding. The edges are free from nicks,cuts or tears and both upper and lower sheets match perfectly.

The image hardly does this poster justice. Hung in the right space it would be truly breath taking.

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