Genre: Travel
Title:  Portugal
Year:  1955
Artist:  Abram Games (1914-1996)
Size (cm): 62 x 100
Country of origin: Portugal

It’s always good to have a poster by one of the greats. Abram Games is generally acknowledged as one of the very best UK graphic designers with a back catalogue of stunning and impressive work. This is a rare poster and despite showing its age, we are delighted to have it.

The poster has been displayed and all corners either show pin holes or very small areas of loss. The vertical edges show minor creasing and impact damage consistent with the poster’s age. The body of the poster is free from loss or tears and the minor issues already noted could be corrected easily by an experienced paper conservator.

This is warm, bright poster displaying an imaginative mid century modern design by one of the very best poster designers.


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Out of stock