Rouge Baiser Black + Rouge Baiser [black] [red] [white]


Genre: Fashion
Title: Le Rouge Baiser: 2 posters – first and final print runs
Year: c.1949
Artist: René Gruau, 1909~2004
Size (cm): 44×56
Country of origin: France

The first print (black) plus the second (red) completing the finished poster. Buy the pair and enjoy the economy and brilliance of Gruau’s design.

A long stranding graphic designer for many Dior campaigns, Gruau’s sexy, playful “Rouge Baiser” has often been copied but never bettered [see John Willie’s Blindfold design for “Bizarre” or Crampton’s 2001 “Budweiser Proudly Serves”]. Using his trademark use of red and black on a white background, the simplicity and economy of Gruau’s design are simply stunning! The 1927 inventor of the lipstick, Paul Baudecroux, is also acknowledged along the lower edge of the poster.

This is an exceptionally rare first and second print in the lithographic process of layering the colours. Gruau worked on this with just two coloured inks, the paper adding the third colour. The final poster only required one additional print run to be complete. This is a fantastic example of both economic commercial design and lithographic printing, something of a lost art.

Gruau produced many of the most iconic images in the French post-war fashion, a highly collectable designer & one of the acknowledged masters of mid-century graphic design. The posters are in excellent condition.

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