Set of 4 i-pod posters [summer]


Genre: Future Classics
Title:  Apple I-pod
Year:  2003
Artist:  Susan Alinsangan / Casey Leveque
Size (cm): 29.5 x 42
Country of origin: USA/UK

A set of four posters from the inaugural 2003 marketing campaign introducing Apple’s iPod.

Set against a uniform, block colour background, the idea of using a silhouette dancing freely to the music on their i-pod presented an enticing idea of liberation from the crowd and an almost subversive sense of personal freedom. The ads were as clever and stylish as the product they were promoting. They combined to make the iPod and Apple the coolest consumer product and company in the world. It is rare to find a set of posters which marked such a sea-change in consumer culture so well. These designs are already considered classics.

The posters are in excellent condition: complete and free from nicks, tears or creases.

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