Sinalco [black] [summer]


Genre: Food & Beverages
Title: Sinalco
Year: 1928
Artist: Lucien Zabel (1893 – 1936)
Size (cm): 58×88
Country of origin: Germany

A striking design: two butterflies drinking the effervescent froth from a glass set against a black background.

“Sinalco” is the oldest soft drink brand in Europe. Established in 1902, it was actively marketed in Europe, north and south America, China, Egypt by 1912. This poster, dated 1928, was most probably for a campaign in the Italian market.

The poster is backed on Japanese paper. There are slight roll creases which could removed by a Conservator, otherwise the poster is in excellent condition.

This poster is part of the collection in the Art Library of the National Museums in Berlin.

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