Space! Onwards!


Genre: Travel / Politics
Title: Space! Onwards!
Year: 1975
Artist: A. Rudkovich
Size (cm): 116 x 78
Country of origin: Russia (USSR)

Russia has much to celebrate in terms of it’s contribution to the exploration of space & this poster forms part of that Soviet era, sub-genre of posters. Big, bold, and confident, the design cleverly morphs computer punch tape, in the shape of hammer and sickle, into the contrail of a spacecraft launching into “Space! Onwards!”.

The poster has acquired a few creases despite having spent much time rolled-up. There is a small tear, approximately 4cm, halfway up the left vertical edge. This has been stabilised on the reverse side with light archival tape. There are few other obvious issues and the poster remains complete and free from loss. It is a rare find from one of the most collectable sub genres of Soviet poster design.


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