Valencia Festividad de las Fallas 1935 #2


Genre: Travel & Tourism
Title: Valencia Festivad de las Fallas
Year: 1935
Artist: Manuel Monleon (1904~1974)
Size (cm): 70 x 100
Country of origin: Spain

Valencia’s largest festival, internationally known and added to UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage list in 2016, “Las Fallas” takes place each March to welcome the end of Winter and coming of Spring. The festival can be traced to the Middle Ages with the burning of elaborate effigies the main centrepiece.

This poster is exceptionally rare and seldom seen. The designer, Manuel Monleon, was a prominent supporter of the Republican cause during the Civil War and his propaganda posters form an important part of this wide body of work. Imprisoned and later persecuted by the Franco regime after his release, Monleon remains an important and influential figure in the history of Spanish graphic design.

Art deco in style, the poster is in good condition for its age. Paper loss is visible along the upper edge and the poster has previously been folded. Monleon’s design has both drama and style – it is simply stunning.

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