Visitez le Portugal [green] [red] [summer]


Genre: Travel & Tourism /  Transport
Title: Visitez Le Portugal
Year:  1937
Artist: Jean De Luz
Size (cm): 62 x 98.5 (incl. linen backing: 68 x 105)
Country of origin: France

Luz’s 1937 poster depicts a barcos rabelos, the traditional Portuguese cargo boat, loaded with barrels of port, sailing down the Douro towards Porto. The minimal use of colour and lack of detail creates a serene, gentle, and relaxing image. Absent here but over-printed in other examples is the tag line along the top with the name of Portugal’s national rail company, the commissioner of the poster.

This is a superb design and the only example of Luz’s work in the collection of the Bibliotheques  Nationale, Paris.

mOunted on linen, the poster is in very good condition free of any foxing, creases or paper loss. The edges remain straight and the colours sharp and crisp.

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