Wild Life In Australia [yellow]


Genre: Travel Tourism
Title:  Wild Life In Australia
Year:  c. 1940’s
Artist:  Unknown
Size (cm): 57 x 88.5
Country of origin: Australia

A charming poster which blends photographic images into a more conventional graphic design. Technically advanced for the time, the educational poster showcases the wild life of Australia with emphasis on the indigenous species.

The poster is signed with the initials “DJF” but the identity of this designer remains unknown. Dating the poster is difficult. It is clearly marked as the first poster in a series, and was printed in London on behalf of the Australian News & Information Bureau, a Government department which was formed in 1939. It is likely that the poster formed part of the publicity drive helping to promote immigration to Australia in the immediate post war period of the late 1940’s.

The poster has been stored rolled so is free from any folds. Similarly the impact tears, nicks and creases one often sees along the edges of posters are minimal here. The poster is in excellent condition.

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