7.62 Dragunov Sniper Rifle


Genre: War / Propaganda
Title:  7.62 Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Year:  1990
Artist: D Mitin
Size (cm): 2 sheets, given size of 60 x 90, actual combined 89 x 109
Country of origin: USSR / Russia

An appealing schematic poster for the Dragunov sniper rifle, produced by Moscow Military Publishing in 1990.

This poster, produced in 2 sheets, is one of a set of two: the other poster details the settings and breakdown of the telescopic sight plus the cartridge and bayonet fittings.

The posters are in good condition. Printed in the USSR in 1990 for military use it is little surprise that the two sheets do not align perfectly. However the match is sufficient to provide visual continuity of the image when both sheets are viewed together, as shown in the photo. Note: when acquired, the two sheets had already been joined together to make the final poster.

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